About us

cropped-two_river_logo_250px.jpgA long, long time ago…

There were so many “once upon a times” to explore, different styles and techniques to learn or simply appreciate, and times to branch out and connect with others – such as with those at the Northland conferences – that this group decided to form, learn, and grow together.

Many of the start-up members came with experience presenting before an audience and had their own styles. Others came wanting to evolve a speaking or a teaching skill into the art of storytelling. They practiced with folk tales, fairy tales, tall tales, personal stories, myths, poems, and even nursery rhymes. While many members have stayed with TRSS, some have moved on; but the Two Rivers Story Spinners Guild continues to celebrate and share the ancient yet ever-renewing art of telling stories.

The old tales become new again through the talents and tongues of TRSS Guild members. Twenty years ago, Carol Taylor was talking with a friend and came up with the idea of starting a storytelling group through the Des Moines Playhouse. That September of 1991, a crew of nine individuals gathered to talk about stories and to tell stories.

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